Tuesday, 3 August 2010

4 months is a long time in Bloggers Land

AND I'm soooooooooooooooooooo sorry
The last 5 months have been a roller coaster for me. Emotional all over the shop!

In APRIL I fell in Love. All together now... Ahhhh :) Yes it's true. I am madly in love with my boyfriend and things are going from strength to strength but there are some all might dips. Healthy. Apparently!
He also met my parents in the same month and boy did they love him. Never seen them laugh so much. *Phew*

MAY was when I realised that everyone is really growing up and settling down. 3 Friends got married and it was beautiful seeing how in love and happy they are. 30 is slowly creeping up on me and everyone I know is getting wed. That's growing up far too fast for me! I'm only just getting used to living away from Mum and Dad's ( which I LOVE by the way!)

Comedy and Music filled up my JUNE. I saw Jason Manford at the Udderbelly on South Bank. A genius idea that originally started at the Edinburgh Fringe and a bunch of comedians at a charity gig for REPRIVE
Both were great gigs. Jason Manford was hilarious and I'm still quoting a few of his jokes, which I'm sure he would be flattered about, unless he knew which ones they were!
As for the Reprive gig, pricey show but amazing cause and I was very priviledge to enjoy the works of Stewart Lee, Robin Ince, Phill Jupitus and the alluring Tim Minchin.

The musical side of my June was Glastonbury or Glastonberry as our American Friends like to call it. 4 days of ridiculously HOT sunshine and cider. BRILLIANT! It was an amazing time. I got to introduce my 2 best friends to the randomness of Glasto. They are used to Reading ( the Rock Festival) but this struck a different chord with them. The random outlets open until 3am, being able to carry your own booze about, the karaoke bar which Vanilla Ice himself, oh yes... VANILLA ICE made a guest appearance at! (Ooo Evis knows how to win the crowds!), the sheer size of this festival meant they fell in love with the whole atmosphere and vibe of Glastonbury.

JULY well it's only just passed as by. I experience the randomness of Jack Whitehall (the posh bloke from the telly, yes yes! *rolls eyes*). Captivating and bloody funny! Would deffo recommend him and finally I experienced Manchester's nightlife! All I'm saying is that Jaeger Bombs, Rose and the Pyramid Game don't mix but make a bloody good weekend!

In addition to all the positive emotions from my Tomfoolery, there were some negatives. Work is a big bummer. 7 months of solid job hunting, 1 interview, 0 job offer :(
I'm finding so hard to motivate myself at work and then finding jobs that I am not qualified to do. I'm being told to take a chance, but why would they look at my CV over someone with the qualifications/experience.
Anyone got any advice?

So that's a brief catch up on my life! Sorry it wasn't very thoughtful and insightful like some of my previous blogs.

I promise not to leave you so long next time.

So until then, ENJOY your Summer! xxx

Monday, 1 March 2010


I don’t know what is wrong with me.
My relationship is going from strength to strength and I am falling for my man slowly but almost certainly.
He loves me unconditionally

But I find myself glum.
I find myself searching for other ways to be happy

I think the biggest culprit is work.
It tires me.
Not in the way it should.
I work my arse off
But for no reward or praise or thanks

My manager has no management skills
My manager has no understanding of the demands laid upon us by our clients.
And throws her demands on top
Then moans we aren’t doing out jobs properly.

I want to move on
Develop myself. Grow.
But recently, I went for a new job role which I had never done before.
To be rejected after 3 interviews
For having too much experience

Nothing makes sense at the mo
I’m scared about the future
I have fears regarding financial stability
Optimism to date is the lowest its been for sometime

I have no idea where to go
I have no idea what to do
Or where to run to
Or where to hide

Under the duvet seems the best place